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I just wanted to let you know I am very pleased with your product "Ultimate Penetrating & Lubricating Oil. I use it all the time around the house and shop. I love to use for the overhead garage doors, hinges, door locks, latches, rusty bolts and especially the vehicle doors. The lubricate is not sticky and messy like some others and has a tendency to last longer. I give you thumbs up for the product. Thank you,Jay Leintz 
  Just wanted to let you know that I tried 4 cans of Ultimate Penetrating Oil because of the article in Show Time Magazine. I had a hard time finding a dealer who would send it but finally found one I believe in Wisconsin. 
I found Ultimate the best of any penetrating oil I have ever used and over the last year it loosened a couple of rusted things that amazed me. Therefore I am a believer and have just ordered a case of 12 through Amazon. When you are selling a product that I think is good, I felt I should let you know and yes one can goes a long ways. I was also interested in trying the new 2 oz. drip bottle but couldn’t find it on Amazon. Thank You  Dan Petrik,